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AquaAnt started as a school project in NYFA only a month ago from the date of this post. The idea was a small scope project that I can finish all by myself. But I was allowed to trade my skills with other students. I ended up having Brian Leung to code my game. In return, I did his game's art. Both projects are in progress and I'll be updating my post from the production here.

AquAnt gameplay revolves around physic rules. The original idea started with what if your obstacle is gaining weight by collecting an object; your challenge is to reach your destination within the time set while getting heavier as you move forward and collect things.


Brian Leung - BrianLeung698.wix.com/charmman

Game Design/Level Design

Nina Mirhabibi - mirhabibinina.wix.com/portfolio

Art and Animation

Nina Mirhabibi

Sound Effects

Nina Mirhabibi


Said Nadjafi (Casualty Process) - http://thecasualtyprocess.com/

Updates - 5/18

So as it turned out, slowing down the player character while having progress in the game sucks! It only makes the player frustrated. That's why I completely changed the game play. Now the player is some sort of a gardner ant that is missioned to grow a flower inside another flower by watering it. The player needs to avoid getting trapped inside the larger flower before the blossom is fully grown while avoiding the nasty bugs that will kill them. I'm still working on the tutorial and the game play.


Arrows....Move Around


AquAnt-5.app.zip 16 MB