A downloadable game for macOS

This game came to being because of the unstoppable desire I have to save the Orumieh lake located in West North of Iran.

" In the late 1990s, Lake Urmia, in north-western Iran, was twice as large as Luxembourg and the largest salt-water lake in the Middle East. Since then it has shrunk substantially, and was sliced in half in 2008, with consequences uncertain to this day, by a 15-km causeway designed to shorten the travel time between the cities of Urmia and Tabriz."

This desire had gotten me to create a game based on a fictional narrative as the result of a class assignment. The guidelines pushed us towards keeping the game play as simple as finding and picking up objects. However, I'm planning to push this project further through fundraising, social awareness and advertisement in the close future.



Left Shift....Run


Mouse pointer....Navigate


Nina Mirhabibi - mirhabibinina.wix.com/portfolio

Brian Leung - BrianLeung698.wix.com/charmman

Emmanuel Christohoides



Nina Mirhabibi


Deto-0.1.app.zip 80 MB