A downloadable Irene's Fiddler for Windows and macOS

The initial purpose of this game was creating an experimental musical game that is nurtured by the past; 2011's Irene aftermath scenery.

This picture was captured by me in 2011 after the hurricane Irene that hit New Yor City in 2011. The violin player was a neighbor of mine who I never got a chance to meet in person. I was very lucky to find him, playing violin and facing NYC from his rooftop right after I stepped out of the stairs onto the rooftop with my Canon SLR in hand. Standing on my building's rooftop , 342 Eldert, I used a 75-300 lens on my Canon T3 to capture him playing. I remember the view was mesmerizing. You can see more images here: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/nina-mirhabibi....


Nina Mirhabibi